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NetBeans IDE 6.9M1 beta

A superb IDE for the everyday web and desktop development!
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Few years ago, Netbeans arose as the major competitor of Eclipse, in a great battle for the best in open source development enviroment. As such, the Netbeans team clearly focused on the Java development (and some related technologies). However, time passed on, new players came to the open source development, and it was the time to expand the horizons.

As of today, this great IDE supports several different languages and technologies, say PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and even C/C++. And release after release, the core team work very hard on the improvement of support for such languages.
This release introduces some new, very exciting features, like the support of the Zend PHP Framework (A.K.A. ZF), refactoring options on CSS files, support of OSGi bundles, dependency injection on Java EE projects, and the boost of performance.
Definitely, each release of Netbeans is worth giving a try. However, keep in mind that this is not a stable release, so it's intended for testing purposes only (not in production environments).

Review summary


  • New features and bug fixes since the latest stable release


  • As any RC, is not intended to use in production environments: still has some bugs
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